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Can a Root Canal Actually be Relaxing?

If you've found yourself experiencing an excruciating toothache or dental abscess, a root canal is likely the next step to saving your smile. Unfortunately, root canals tend to have a bad reputation...or do they?

Root Canals Don't Have to Hurt

Typically, the pain associated with having a root canal is actually caused by the inflammation or infection within the tooth's nerve. When you get a root canal, our Wasilla dentist numbs the area around your tooth, so you don't have to feel the actual procedure. Once the endodontic therapy is completed, your tooth is no longer vital...and there's no nerve left to sense any pain.

It may be necessary to prescribe an antibiotic prior to the treatment, so that initial swelling or fluid is reduced. After that, having a root canal should feel similar to having a filling or crown placed.

Sedation Dentistry Can Help

Perhaps you just dislike having dental work or don't want to sit for a longer procedure. If this is the case, sedation is the perfect way to relax during any type of treatment. At Lane Family Dentistry, Dr. Lane provides comfortable sedation options to help ease your mind. You might even feel as if you napped right through the entire visit!

Don't Forget Our Massage Chairs

When you visit Lane Family Dental, we want you to feel refreshed and comfortable. That's why we've invested in professional massage chairs to help you relax. Just lay back and let us do the rest!

Avoiding a root canal may seem like the more comfortable thing to do, but the infection could spread to other areas. Why pull a tooth if you don't have to? Call Lane Family Dental in Wasilla today.

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