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Cracked Tooth Repair Wasilla, AK

Cracked Tooth Repair

Getting a cracked tooth examined right away is essential to have a chance of saving it with general dentistry. Depending on the size and position of the crack, your tooth may be able to be repaired. Teeth should last a lifetime. The outer layer of your teeth is harder than your bones. Yet, under certain circumstances, a tooth can still be damaged. There are many causes for a tooth to become cracked. Tremendous pressures are applied to your teeth throughout the day. If you grind your teeth or clench your jaw, your teeth are experiencing more than average pressure.

When a tooth becomes cracked, the repairs can be as simple as bonding it back together or as complex as having the tooth crowned. Only a thorough exam will reveal the best method for repairing the tooth. Scheduling an examination right away is critical in order to prevent further damage and compromising your oral health.

Repairs to Damaged Teeth

Early diagnosis of a damaged tooth is important. Neglecting a damaged tooth can lead to more problems, even loss of the tooth. Even with an early diagnosis, there is no guarantee that a cracked tooth can be saved. Dr. Lane will do a thorough exam and suggest a course of action to restore your smile.

Bonding a tooth is one of the simplest repairs. All that is required is applying bonding material to fuse the pieces together again. If more extensive work is required, you will be advised of all the options.

A damaged tooth may or may not cause you discomfort. Symptoms can be mild annoyance when you bite down or let up, to severe pain or throbbing when you ingest hot or cold beverages or food. Not all cracks are visible to the eye. If you are experiencing symptoms or believe that you may have a cracked tooth, contact Lane Family Dental today. Ignoring a cracked tooth will only lead to greater problems.