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Emergency Dentistry Wasilla, AK

Emergency Dentistry

When you experience acute pain due to an infected tooth or injury, going to the hospital emergency room may not be the best option. Lane Family Dental provides emergency dental care. We have the equipment and expertise to ascertain your emergency dental needs and solve them. You will not wait long for an appointment, and after your tooth or area of discomfort is thoroughly examined, you will be advised of the best treatment to relieve your discomfort and restore your oral health.

Lane Family Dental offers a soothing, relaxing atmosphere to calm your nerves while you receive the prognosis for dental care. Any emergency usually results in heightened anxiety and fear. We know how to calm your fears and ease your anxiety. You can expect compassion and gentle care provided by skilled professionals who are committed to your comfort and oral health.

Dental emergencies can be traumatic. They can be extremely painful if the tooth is infected and abscessed. Dental emergencies can also be as simple as needing a crown cemented back onto a tooth. Whatever your dental emergency, we encourage you to call Lane Family Dental. We are glad to help solve your problem and provide you with relief and peace of mind.

When you have a dental problem that needs immediate attention, do not hesitate to contact Lane Family Dental right away. We assess urgent calls and let you know if there are measures you need to take before an appointment with Dr. Lane. We will do all we can to schedule an appointment immediately. If you are not sure whether your situation needs immediate attention, call us so we can help you make a decision. Certain situations may not seem urgent, but may require emergency care.